Monday, May 23, 2011

05 23 2011 Week in Review

Thursday's edition of the Salt Lake - Modern Quilt Group was so much fun. Some stunning quilts and then the exciting pin cushion exchange. You can see all of the pincushions and their owners on the Some people are pictured twice because their cushions were taken and they had to choose a new one. Mine is the really cute long one with the different colored squares.

Saturday was another quilt  group and the talents of

After quilt group I dashed across town to Robintinos in Bountiful to have lunch with some of the amazing women in my family.
from left to right Mysti, Sylvia, Mercedes, Nola, Rachel, Tiffany, Mykinzie, and Sue (me.)

We had a linger longer after church Sunday. I didn't bring my camera because there isn't usually much to take a picture of. It is a wonderful way to end a church meeting but too much work to do too often.

I have the blocks ready for this Tuesday's neighborhood quilt group. I am really excited and will include instructions later.

Wavy Square in a Square

Twisted Columns


  1. the mice you made were cute!

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