Monday, May 23, 2011

05 23 2011 Week in Review

Thursday's edition of the Salt Lake - Modern Quilt Group was so much fun. Some stunning quilts and then the exciting pin cushion exchange. You can see all of the pincushions and their owners on the Some people are pictured twice because their cushions were taken and they had to choose a new one. Mine is the really cute long one with the different colored squares.

Saturday was another quilt  group and the talents of

After quilt group I dashed across town to Robintinos in Bountiful to have lunch with some of the amazing women in my family.
from left to right Mysti, Sylvia, Mercedes, Nola, Rachel, Tiffany, Mykinzie, and Sue (me.)

We had a linger longer after church Sunday. I didn't bring my camera because there isn't usually much to take a picture of. It is a wonderful way to end a church meeting but too much work to do too often.

I have the blocks ready for this Tuesday's neighborhood quilt group. I am really excited and will include instructions later.

Wavy Square in a Square

Twisted Columns

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival : Spring 2011

I'm hoping to catch the last part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival sponsored by Amy at This quilt is a combination of a sampler I taught in our neighborhood quilt group last year and some striped fabric I found at Season of Home a couple of year ago. The border is on the diagonal and as a result the name of this quilt cannot be said in polite company. I squandered my sunny days last week and so as a last resort took this picture in my office with the help of my wonderful assistant.

These cute little guys are part of the pin cushion exchange for tonight's meeting of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Group.  I googled the pattern but now can't find the link to give them proper credit. If I find it later I will update the blog.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

05 16 2011 Week in Review

I finished the last block from Patchwork Squared's QAL. I am impressed they had the last block done before Quilt Market.
The technique for this block was unusual and I encourage you to read their blog and find out how it was done.

My plan is to arrange the blocks in combination with these prints and the quilt will be called Cats Meow. Dedicated to all the fur balls that have graced our home over the years. I won't be working on it for a couple of weeks because I must finish my wonky blocks and demonstration for quilt group next Tuesday and then get the following quilt quilted.
Photo thanks to Kayli at
The big news this last week was (drum roll please) Quilt Market was in Salt Lake City! I was able to bring along some members of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild to act as consultants regarding modern fabrics and styles. (I made them pay their own way how cheap is that.) We had an amazing time.
No one does is better than Robert Kaufman. 
Pine Mountain Designs

Whitewashed Window Panes by Meg Hawkey
After looking at hundreds of quilts, quilt patterns and printed fabric I found the simplicity of these two quilts refreshing.

Tomorrow I will review the evening's entertainment, purchases and swag.

Monday, May 9, 2011

05 09 2011 Week In Review

After a brief delay in posting blocks the folks at Patchwork Squared have really moved ahead.
The Staked! block took a lot longer to put together than I thought it would. On the plus side I didn't make any mistakes and it is exactly 12.5 X 12.5. 

Tail Spin
This block went together smoothly as well but is not exactly 12.5 X 12.5. Oh well.....

Four Wheeler

This block was painful. I cut the triangles too big and had to trim them. On the other hand I did learn how to use my Wrights Companion Angle ruler. Turns out it's a pretty hand little item.

 Wrights Companion Angle 670139; 2 Items/Order
I did make it to the Home Machine Quilting show on Thursday with some amazing friends (who do not have blogs.) To be honest I found the whole thing very overwhelming and ended up not spending any money. So many quilts, quilting machines and tools. I wish they would give you a discount if you came back a second time I probably would have purchased something. But this coming week is quilt market and I have to save my strength.

The weekend took me out to the yard and weeds that have been happily growing since last October. I noticed the ivy behind our shed is dying (yea!!!!) and found a LARGE wasp nest hidden among the dead leaves. Fortunately it was dead also.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patchwork Squared

I had narrowed my current quilting projects down to three so the most logical step seemed to be to add another project for an even number of four. I found the QAL on Patchwork Squared ( and since it hadn't started yet I knew I wouldn't be behind. Of course I immediately fell behind so last weekend I locked myself in my sewing room until all six blocks were done.

They have now postponed the next two blocks until Thursday so I will take a deep breath and focus on my other three projects.

I seem to have some sort of color dyslexia and so my lights, darks, focus fabric etc do not follow the suggested format. This is probably why I generally use my own designs.